Product Liability

Gladding & Michel, Inc. specializes in the investigation of accidents and related events that result in products liability litigation. Our principals and staff are highly trained and skilled in applying investigative techniques critical to the conduct of precise, well documented investigations.  We  utilize an investigative protocol that provides a standard procedure for the collection of complete uniform factual data pertaining  to environmental, mechanical, and human factors involved in accidents.

Factual circumstances are developed through interviews with involved parties, percipient witnesses, official investigators, and post-accident emergency medical service providers.

Complete investigations also include research necessary to develop the background of the involved products user, history of the involved product from the standpoint of its prior use/misuse, maintenance, and after-market changes or modifications that alter the product’s original design specifications or affect its intended operational capabilities.

All collateral reports, photographs, and related materials collected or generated during the course of an investigation are submitted concurrently with a comprehensive report of findings tailored to meet requirements and existing report protocols of the individual client.

Over our nearly fifty year history, we have investigated cases involving a wide range of products produced by foreign and domestic manufacturers, including automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, tires and wheels, aircraft, heavy and specialized equipment, machinery, tools,  pharmaceuticals  and consumer products.