Contested Will

Client: Rightful Heirs in an Ethnic Community 

A priest visiting an ethnic cemetery noticed a burial was in progress. When the priest inquired, he was informed that the person being buried was a long-time member of his church! Unbeknownst to his friends and parishioners, this 90-year-old person was being quasi-clandestinely buried.  Meanwhile, his assets were being grabbed by a mysterious woman who recently introduced herself to him as a long-lost relative.

Gladding & Michel’s investigation uncovered a tangled web of connections within this ethnic community, finding numerous inconsistencies in the mystery woman’s statements and disturbing misrepresentations of his cause of death. This investigation led to a possible homicide and our cooperation with local law enforcement in this matter. Subsequently, the rightful heirs were able to prevent the misappropriation of the deceased’s considerable assets.