Copyright, Patent & Trademark

For the last twenty years, the problems of copyright, patent, trademark infringement and counterfeit “knockoffs” have increased over 10,000 percent. Advanced technology, the Internet, and consumer demand are all factors in fueling its explosion.

Gladding & Michel Investigations can help protect your company’s interests by assisting you in uncovering misuse of your patents, trademarks or intellectual property and enforcing your rights under patent laws. Gladding & Michel has a strong team of highly trained private investigators, capable of conducting patent or trademark infringement investigations anywhere in the country.

Our investigative services related to trademark, patent and counterfeit products include:

  • Canvassing known areas for trademark infringement and counterfeit items
  • Conducting covert investigations to obtain samples and photographic evidence of suspect product or service mark infringement
  • Undercover surveillance of a person or company
  • Cataloging and documenting seized products to ensure chain of custody
  • Detailed background checks that include researching media advertising and trade journals

Whether your issue involves the seizure of counterfeit products, investigating the theft of proprietary information and trade secrets, or doing due diligence prior to utilizing a mark, Gladding & Michel Investigations provides its corporate clients with the information and resources required to seek prosecution, support litigation, and/or continue the development of a product or brand.