Unfair Foreign Competition

Client: A U.S. Metal Producer

A U.S. manufacturing firm requested our investigative services regarding unfair competition from a domestic competitor allied with an Asian firm. It was alleged that this competitor avoided higher tariffs on their product by funneling it through Latin America, where the Asian country of origin markings were removed and replaced with Latin America origin markings. The product was then transported from Mexico to Chicago, where it was re-stamped once again to make it appear that it was U.S. made.

Our investigator travelled to Latin America where he was able to identify and photograph the product at the warehouse of the involved firm. The client provided these findings to U.S. Customs for further action.

Client: A U.S. Electronics Manufacturer 

A U.S. electronics manufacturer suspected an Asian competitor had given illegal incentives in order to locate a production facility in Silicon Valley.  Gladding & Michel was instructed to uncover the incentives that had been granted and furnish a report within one week.  City, county, and state governments were sensitive about this issue, and state officials refused to give access to their files.

With our knowledge of the Public Records Act combined with our research on recent state legislation regarding disclosure of economic incentives making public all records related to these incentive packages, we succeeded in pressuring state officials to open their files. Our comparison of the files clearly showed that certain documents had been purged, but no illegal incentives had been offered.  Armed with our report, the CEO had the information required to reassure his management, board and stockholders that no illegal activity had transpired.