Cheating spouses, illicit behavior, and criminal activity – the ability to support legal claims with visual data can be key in making or breaking a case. Gladding & Michel investigators are skilled at acquiring the photographic and video proof and evidence you need to support your argument in a court of law.

Meticulous, discreet and thorough, Gladding & Michel Investigations takes great pride in uncovering and documenting critical information in unexpected places and furnishing the necessary proof to validate our findings. For each assignment we provide our clients with a detailed investigative report, along with composite and raw footage of our investigation.

Whether it is infidelity, child custody or welfare, theft, stalking, drug or alcohol abuse, or any destructive behaviors, Gladding & Michel offers unparalleled, professional surveillance that is customized to your needs, budget and comfort level. Our private investigators are highly trained professionals, who are extremely capable and fully-equipped to obtain commanding, irrefutable visual evidence while delivering detailed, investigative reports. We pride ourselves on our ability to covertly infiltrate an environment and diligently gather the information required, while adhering to all applicable privacy laws.

Our services related to surveillance include:

  • Comprehensive collection and analysis of information and evidence
  • Discreet undercover surveillance
  • Photographic and video documentation
  • GPS tracking
  • Testifying to facts and situations including but not limited to infidelity, cohabitation, neglect and abuse
  • Accurate and detailed written information

If you suspect that a spouse is cheating, a nanny or babysitter is abusive, an employee is dishonest, or someone is betraying you, undercover surveillance is a safe, legal way to confirm or deny your suspicions. Having handled a wide variety of cases, Gladding & Michel Investigations is well equipped to conduct surveillance nationally and globally to provide you with the answers you need to choose the right course of action.

We provide optimal results as our professional private investigators utilize state-of-the art techniques and equipment, including covert video and audio solutions, as allowed by law. We are sensitive to the emotional nature of these types of investigations and work with our clients to acquire information as quickly, quietly and efficiently as possible. We provide the legal evidence you need to protect your financial stability, safety, and, most importantly, your family.